Simple Solutions for Linen Closets-Part Two

Rightsizing the Linen Closet-Part Two

Now that you know why it’s helpful to clean out your linen closet, here are 3 easy steps to get it done in no time at all:

1. Take everything out of the closet, and I mean everything. This is a good organization strategy because you will quickly see the excess that has been hiding on those shelves all these years. Use caution, however, because you don’t want to just start pulling items out and throwing them on the floor or you will soon have hazardous piles that could be tripped over. Instead, carry armfuls of like items and place them on a nearby bed or table.

2. Get a garbage bag and a box (or 2) for designated donation centers.

3. Go through each pile deciding what should be placed back into the closet, what should be thrown away in the garbage bag, and what should be placed in a box for donation. You should strive to keep 1/3 or less!

When placing the items back in the closet try using bins or plastic drawers for first aid supplies, lotions, cosmetics, and other small items. Label the drawers so you can easily find what you need. Depending on how many sheet sets you keep, try wrapping the matching pillowcase around the set, or you can store the set inside a pillowcase. If you have multiple bed sizes in your home, you may want to use a bin labeled with each of the different bed sizes.

If you’re feeling extra motivated keep the organizing going by moving into the bathroom closets, cupboards, and medicine cabinets. Remember to check expiration dates and discard any expired medication at a Med Return Unit. Never dispose of medications in the garbage or down a drain. According to, “There are 12 Med Return Unit locations in Erie County. The following can be turned in for safe disposal: prescription medications and patches, prescription ointments and cough syrups, over the counter medications, vitamins, medication samples, and pet medications.” Check the website for exact locations.

By organizing your linen closet you will feel lighter every time you open that door, you will donate to people or pets in need, and you will save some money at the grocery store! What are you waiting for? Get those garbage bags and boxes ready!

This article originally appeared in Senior News Erie, February 2016.  Author, Marian Taylor, Senior Move Manager