Senior Right Sizing

Downsizing, Rightsizing, Relocating, there are so many words for the living transition we often make as we age.  Bottom line, the home you raised your family in has become too much

Happy Senior Couple In Room with Moving Boxes on the Floor.

work.  So you make the decision to  rightsize your living situation.   Whether it is a smaller home, apartment, condo or senior living facility, Simple Solutions for Living is here to help you quickly and efficiently.

The process begins with our complimentary consultation where we assess your needs.  We can either take the lead and complete the project on our own, or work side by side with you to complete the project.  Perhaps it is your parents that need to move and you live out of town, we can help.  As proud members of NASMM, we are qualified to help you with all your needs.

Depending on your particular situation, services may include:

  • Working with the apartment complex or senior living facility to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Providing all boxes, moving tape, and packing materials along with expertise to ensure your most-loved possessions survive the move.
  • Boxing items for donation or storage, including arranging transport of your donated items. For donated items, an itemized list can be prepared for tax purposes.
  • Contacting and coordinating with the moving company, including being available at the time the movers arrive for loading and unloading.
  • Handling address changes with the post office, your bank, and credit card companies.
  • Discontinuing phone, TV, and internet service at your old home and make arrangements for installation at your new location.
  • Whole house clean outs and staging for sale.

Our fee for service depends on the size and complexity of the move.  Please contact Marian at 814-44-5309 to discuss your situation and schedule a no obligation initial consultation.