Senior New Article-February 2016-Part 1

Senior New Article-February 2016-Part 1

This month I’m going to discuss a topic you may not spend much time thinking about; your linen closet! This small closet holds more than you realize! While downsizing clients from the houses Linen Closetthey’ve lived in for 50+ years to a senior living community, the linen closet always surprises even the most organized seniors with good intentions.

• Let’s begin with the linens themselves. Keep complete sheet sets and only one extra set per bed. Go through your blankets and keep only your favorites. Donate extra pillow cases and unmatched sets to a local men’s, women’s, or pet shelter! The Anna Shelter accepts blankets and sheets, and you can call the Erie Zoo to find out what their current needs are.

• The next items that seem to be overflowing from every linen closet I come across is toilet paper, tissues, and other paper products. I, too, enjoy buying in bulk to save an extra penny, but try using up what you have before reaching for that 30-roll special the next time you’re at the grocery store. Besides, who likes lifting that into and out of the car anyway?

• Could you open a small cosmetics shop or toiletry company from all the bottles that are in your linen closet? Although it may seem harmless to have an overabundance of these products, there could be serious risks for holding onto them too long. Generally, mascara should be discarded after 3 months, liquid make-up and cream eye shadow after 6 months, and eyeliner, lipstick, gloss, lip liner, powder, and powder eye shadow after 2 years. Bacteria growth is caused by opened products, products that are applied with a finger, heat and humidity. Look for expiration dates on all medicines and sunscreens. Using expired products could put your health (and skin) in danger! Are travel sized products your downfall? The ones you get free with a colorful little bag, or the ones given at hotels? Save some money for the next few weeks (or months!) by using the travel sized freebies instead of buying new.

Check out our next blog post to discover the 3 easy steps.