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Rightzing with Safety in Mind-Senior News Article

FEB. 2017-Check out my “Preparing to Rightsize” column in the February Senior News for Boomers and Beyond in Erie, PA! This month we focus on the  safety element of Rightsizing.

Don’t have access to the magazine…then enjoy it right here.

With the focus on heart health in the month of February, I thought it would be fitting to talk about “rightsizing” with health (more specifically, safety) in mind. One benefit of clearing clutter from your home is keeping your space clear from hazards which can cause tripping, falling and other injuries. Your storage area, if not properly thought out could be an injury waiting to happen!

I had a client that needed my help putting items away in her attic. The attic steps were steep and narrow and located in her very full garage. I was more than willing to assist my client getting her belongings up there, but I had concerns about her trying to retrieve the items on her own at a later date.  After hearing my recommendations, the client agreed that as we age we shouldn’t be putting ourselves into hazardous situations, and we were able to find an alternative storage space. If your storage location requires carrying items up or down narrow or steep steps or through other cluttered areas, you should consider a different solution!

I have worked with many clients that store things under beds, in drawers, or in closets.  Another great solution is to designate an extra bedroom as a storage room. If you choose to do that, take the extra steps to create walkways, set up shelving, and make sure the room stays organized. It can be very easy (and hazardous) to start piling and stacking on existing furniture, and before you know it, the room becomes just as hazardous as the steep stairwell you were trying to avoid. A good rule of thumb when looking for storage options is to store above the knees and below the shoulders. While it may be obvious why you shouldn’t store things above your shoulders, you may not think about the difficulty of getting up from a kneeling position if you store too low. Just this past year, I’ve had to rethink the storage areas in my own home after falling from a ladder last year, breaking my ankle and three toes. Know your body, know your limitations, and create storage areas in your home to work for you!


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